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Revised Gastro-Goals

Here’s hoping the title of this post doesn’t scare any readers away like the last one may (potentially) have. I just wanna give a harmless little update!

At the beginning of last week my stomach was a mess. I mentioned it felt like shit during the Flywheel class I did with Maria. It continued to feel awful on Monday and Tuesday, but then slowly started getting better. I’d like to think that’s because I’d decided on Sunday upon my return from Stamford to revise the goals I previously set for preventative digestive care (naturopath-prescribed probiotics and ACV), but in reality I’m sure the change-ups I’ve made had not yet had any effect.

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I hope the title of this post doesn’t scare anyone away.

It’s more about the Goals than the Gastro!

In the healthy living blog world, I see lots of posts about accountability. Most involve staying accountable by eating clean and working out regularly. I truly enjoy doing both of those activities, but also have been known to take accountability too far, so I try to stray from making food or workout goals – at least, specific ones that involve “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”.

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My First Naturopathic Physician Visit

I’m so excited about all of the entries I received in the giveaway for two Anchor Bay Entertainment cardio dance workout DVDs! The winner is…

Kristy of Kristy’s Health Revolution!

Thank you to all who entered! I will be contacting Kristy to arrange delivery of her prize!

On Friday I promised you guys an update on the on-and-off nausea I’ve been experiencing for the past month, so I’m here to give you that today. Mostly, I want to focus on my first ever visit to a naturopathic physician. After finding out that the abdominal ultrasound I had done last Saturday morning showed no issues, I visited my regular doctor Thursday morning. She stated that she really think this is a stomach virus I caught that my body is taking a long time to shake, and told me that no doctor would order an endoscopy on me (the next step in testing) until at least a couple more weeks had passed with me having symptoms, especially since I have been “functioning” and it is considered a “procedure”. Yes, I’m functioning, but I have also been very physically and mentally uncomfortable!

Luckily I had my naturopathic physician appointment later that afternoon, so I left the doctor still feeling like I had options I was pursuing. I started out by giving the doctor (also the clinic director) my background, both my recent nausea issues and my mental/physical medical history. She was not very happy about the fact that my doctors had put me on Omeprazole (an antacid), nor did she approve of any other medications and probiotics I have been taking. It was a bit off-putting – she never told me to go off what my doctors had put me on, which I appreciated, but also made me feel like it’s possible that what I’m already taking has been hurting me. I still took it all with a grain of salt, though. I know that her way of approaching medicine is completely different from the traditional approach, which looks primarily for something functionally wrong.

Next, she had me lie down on her massage table (holy crap it was comfy!) and she felt all over my abdomen. Not just feeling – pushing! Really trying to get a handle on where exactly everything was. She pushed on an area up toward my chest, and it was hard for her to do so. She said that the reason for that was because my stomach was actually higher up than it should be – usually brought on by an acute incident, like straining to lift something. But sometimes, it can happen over time due to high anxiety – more likely in my case. Whatever the cause, she had me take a DEEP breath in and then breathe out very slowly. As I did so, she actually pushed REALLY hard down on that area toward my chest I mentioned before, to push my stomach back down where it “should” be. After this was complete, I took a deep breath in. I actually felt like my lungs had more room to expand! Perhaps it’s all or partially in my head. I acknowledge that. And she did not say that it was going to cure me. Quite the opposite – she said it probably wasn’t even the sole cause of my nausea, but a contributing factor, and that her “fix” also did not usually stay in place after just one session. Still, I felt pretty strange afterward – in a good way! Something definitely felt different.

I also left her office with a “prescription” for three things – a digestive enzyme, a probiotic (one of the few on the market she likes), and an herbal remedy called Pulsatilla (which is available at Whole Foods). It’s pretty fascinating that she picked Pulsatilla out for me, because as she described the kind of people it’s meant for, I kept nodding my head and saying, “Yup, that’s me.” She cited inner mental battles, too much rigidity, and love of white foods (gimme dem carbs). Pulsatilla comes from a flower found in meadows. The flower itself however is toxic when ingested in its pure flower form. There also isn’t much medical evidence about its efficacy – or even the safe levels of the dried form that are OK to take.

I am fine with taking digestive enzymes and a probiotic…many people take these without harm. However, I’m nervous about taking the Pulsatilla after reading up more about it online. I’m sure nothing that could really hurt me would be sold at Whole Foods, and I’m trying to keep an open mind, but I don’t really feel comfortable taking it (it comes in the form of a bead that is placed under the tongue). Therefore even though I purchased it, I’ve decided to hold off. And there’s another reason for that too.

Dare I say the last several days I’ve felt…completely normal? I don’t want to jinx myself. And on Friday, I still had a “nervous” stomach that felt nauseous in the morning and made some weird noises anytime I ate. But Saturday and Sunday, I felt fine. No weird noises, no nausea. Nothing that even made me feel like it might “come on” if I drank coffee or ate fibrous food.

Welcome back, my beautiful salad!

I am not saying that I feel better because of what the naturopathic physician did when she “moved” my stomach back to its rightful place. It could very well be the Omeprazole finally taking effect. Or maybe this is a virus that finally has gotten its ugly self out of my body, once and for all. Or maybe five minutes from hitting “Publish” on this post, I’ll feel nauseous again.

Black coffee – enjoyed while doing HW!

Frankly, I do not care. I had a really good weekend and I felt well. I’m going to keep taking the Omeprazole and also go see the naturopathic physician in a couple of weeks for a follow-up, and explain my hesitation about the Pulsatilla. If I don’t feel nauseous again, that’s awesome. If I do, I’ll keep trying to figure out what’s wrong. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go be thankful for feeling well. 🙂

Have you ever visited a naturopathic physician?

Have you ever decided not to take medical advice, be it from a traditional or alternative doctor?

Getting Blown…At Blo West Hartford!

I’m glad that you all enjoyed the guest post from Amanda, founder of Grow Soul Beautiful. The winner of her giveaway for a set of Vision Quest Photo Assignment cards with exercises on self-love is Sarah!

Thank you to all who entered! I will be contacting Sarah for shipping information. And remember, you don’t need photo cards to practice self love!

I can’t thank you all enough for the supportive comments you left on Friday’s post about my GI stuff. After leaving about three messages and going by the GI doctor’s office in PERSON (and having to leave work due to more nausea…I hate all the work I’m missing), the doc called me on Friday night at about 6PM to tell me he was putting in an order for me to get an abdominal ultrasound. I went the very next morning (thank goodness for Saturday hours) hoping to make an appointment or walk-in right then…and I was able to do the latter! I got the ultrasound done and will get results back once the world comes out of Hurricane-Sandy-shut-down-mode.

(By the way, no work today due to Hurricane Sandy, and no class tomorrow night either…woo hoo!)

All day Friday and also Saturday morning I felt SO down. I literally have never felt that negative in my life, and it really scared me. I kept thinking about things I usually enjoy doing, and they didn’t seem pleasant to me. Nothing seemed appealing. But Saturday I awoke nausea-free. I went to the gym and did Group Power, because all I was in the mood to do was angrily lift heavy stuff. And it definitely helped. I walked out of the gym and had texts from four supportive friends and family members checking on me. I took a deep breath and told myself to shower, go home, and take advantage of a day of feeling well. So I did just that, and as I was putting on some makeup and packing up my homework for a Daybreak trip, I definitely felt like my mood was on the up-and-up. I kept remembering Tina’s post about her attitude when she first developed colitis and felt inspired to give myself “a kick in the ass”. Moping will not do anything. And stressing only makes me feel more sick – so what’s the point?!

Now, let’s get to the meat of today’s innuendo-titled post.

I was also lucky enough on Saturday afternoon to have my bad mood blown away thanks to Stacey Cohen, the owner of Blo West Hartford in Blueback SquareYou may recall that I hosted a giveaway for a free blow dry last month. Well, I also received a free blow dry myself! I was saving it for something special, and had an Old-Hollywood themed Halloween party to attend Saturday night. I thought that a the Holly-Would style out of Blo’s Hair Menu would be the perfect choice!

The hair menu’s depiction of the style. Source

I was psyched to finally get to meet Stacey, who introduced me to my stylist, Allison. She was such a sweetheart and I enjoyed chatting with her! She and all the other employees of Blo are licensed hair stylists and can do everything (cuts, colors, etc), but Blo only does blow drys and up-dos.

My “before” shot – and that’s Allison on the right!

The decor of Blo is so stylish and glam. I love the white and pink color scheme…and check out the refreshments!

Yes, those are mini cupcakes!

Allison was sure to take into consideration my preferences, like where I wanted my part and how “big” I wanted the hairdo to turn out. However, I left most of the decisions up to her. Just ask my sister, who is always getting frustrated with my hair laziness…I do not have the patience to do anything like part my hair when I comb it. I’ve got places to be! And I’m certainly no expert, so I let the expert present (Allison) call most of the shots. I certainly don’t regret that decision. Just LOOK at the finished product!

Um, can I PLEASE get a blow dry every day of my life?! Now I know why my blend Maria is obsessed! The style did not take any time at all for Allison to complete and it turned out just as I had hoped! I walked out of Blo with bounce in my hair AND my step.

Bathroom selfie, when home alone gotta do what ya gotta do.

Unfortunately my party plans did not work out, but I rallied and went out to dinner with my friends Geno and Casey (who also happen to be the parents of a couple of my other friends) to one of my favorite places everRooftop 120! I’d recently purchased their Groupon and also had to go somewhere fabulous to show off my glamorous look!

Wearing a pearl necklace my grandfather got me for high school graduation.

Myspace style.

I had an amazing drink (Knob Creek Manhattan) and meal (Moroccan-Glazed Chicken) and my stomach was well-behaved. I was so thankful for the great friends I was able to spend the evening with!

A trio made in heaven – meal, drink, me!

Moroccan-glazed chicken with green olive puree, Russian banana potatoes, and cherry bomb carrots.

Me, Casey, and Geno!

Andres, my favorite bartender ever, was working (thankfully) and dressed as a mad mixologist for Halloween! Perfect costume for a talented mixologist like himself.

Props and all!

Andres’s lab!

Even the next morning (Sunday) I tried to get as much out of my blow dry as possible. I carefully put my hair in a ponytail before going to the gym, and when I went to Daybreak after to do homework (and procrastinate), I just put on a Forever 21 beanie and rocked my loose waves that still remained!

My blow dry may be gone now, but my memory of my positive experience sure isn’t! I totally recommend heading over to Blo West Hartford to get blown, whether you’re experienced or a first-timer 😉 Call 860-231-0443 to make your appointment, and you can email them at blowesthartford@blomedry.com. Like Blo on FB and follow them on Twitter too!

I received my blow dry free courtesy of Blo West Hartford. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you ever gotten a blow dry?

What was the best part of your weekend?